What should the pH be for soil and hydroponic growing mediums?
Soil pH should be between 6-7 (6.3 is ideal) for the majority of flowering plants.
Hydroponic mediums pH should be between 5.5-6.3.

What kinds of plants can Ozi Magic products be used on?
Ozi Magic liquid fertilisers work best on fruiting or flowering plants. Plants that like nitrogen, phosphates & potassium (NPK) will thrive with Ozi Magic products.

What are the benefits of using Ozi Magic Products?
Ozi Magic's formula is high in BIO Stimulants that break down quickly, feeding your soil biome.

Where can I buy Ozi Magic products?
Most good hydroponic stores, garden stores and nurseries stock our products. 

Can I mix Ozi Magic products with other fertilisers?
Yes, you definitely can!

Do Ozi Magic products have a use-by date?
We do not apply use by dates to our products, providing you keep in a cool, dark environment, the product life can be years.  The mineral content will always remain BIO active and usable by plants.

Can I use Ozi Magic products on food crops?
Yes. Ozi Magic products are perfectly safe to use on food crops. As with any fertiliser, always wash your produce before consumption.

Can I buy Ozi Magic online? 
Yes online purchases will be available in coming months.